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Mind Matrix PLUS | Subconscious programming system for real estate agents

How To Effortlessly Remove Procrastination, Limiting Behaviors and Worries and Quickly Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind for Success, Focus, Wealth, Inner Power, Self-Esteem and Prosperity

What makes some real estate agents successful, regardless of
the market or the economy?

It is NOT the Intelligence

How many successful real estate agents do you personally know who never went to college? And there are many who graduated from a fancy university and still struggle financially. There are plenty of people who are not as smart as you and yet they make more money, sometimes a LOT more money.

It is NOT the Experience

Twenty-year veterans are quitting the business. And there are rookies who make over $100,000 in their first year in the business. And NOT because of fancy advertising or marketing.

It is NOT the Knowledge

We all have a bunch of books, seminar notes and courses on the shelf and yet, none of that knowledge seem to magically attract the income and the success, right?

Surprisingly, it is NOT Hard Work either

I’m sure you work just as hard, if not harder and longer hours that many top producers.

Borino - author of the Mind Matrix PLUS

Borino – The Creator of the Mind Matrix PLUS

Hi, I’m Borino, and I’ve been studying successful agents for the last twenty years. I have found that it always comes down to two patterns that all agents who are successful have in common.

It is what they THINK and what they BELIEVE.

That’s it. Your beliefs and your thoughts direct your actions and the results you get. If you’re not where you want to be, It is NOT because of the marketing tools, fancy advertising, experience, hard work or luck. All that helps and it is an important part of the business, of course. But it is NOT the answer.

Like it or not, it is your thoughts and your beliefs that control your behavior and ultimately the quality of your life.

As you know, I spent the last two decades and tens of thousands of dollars getting to the heart of success.  I thought there has to be more to it than what we think and believe right?

I worked my butt off, tried all kinds of fancy marketing and advertising over the years. I’ve done good old-fashioned affirmations, positive thinking, visualizations, and I’ve watched the Secret seven times in a row. I worked hard – endless HOURS AND HOURS of PROSPECTING. I’ve done all of it but it didn’t get me much closer to my dreams. Here is why…

Our mind is like a computer. You and I have certain beliefs locked deep inside our subconscious mind – many since our childhood. And just like a program in your computer, these thought patterns and beliefs cause us to think, speak and act a certain way. It makes us do or not do certain things to achieve the success we want in life.

Here is an example…

Imagine, it’s 9 AM and  you’re in your office. What would be the most productive thing you KNOW you SHOULD be doing consistently? Maybe it’s prospecting, maybe following up with a seller lead, or calling buyer leads you met at a open house.

Success in real estateSee, you already KNOW what to do. What will make you money.

You already know HOW to do it, right? Without any more books, or seminars or courses you already KNOW enough that if you would do it consistently, you would make more money, right?

You know the answer is YES.

You already know that you have enough skill and knowledge to take a lead and list their house or sell them a house and make money in real estate right now.

And yet, you feel like there is a block in the way. So you either push yourself for a while, force it with discipline – which doesn’t feel all that good, so you do it for a while, then stop, then you start again, stop again.

Or you procrastinate and preoccupy yourself with busy work – like checking Facebook, handling paperwork or answering unimportant emails.

Or you look for more knowledge and information. The next easy magic bullet, so to speak.

Either way, you end up feeling crappy and not getting consistent good results. Am I right? And the reason I know that is because you’re not alone. I was exactly at the same point.  Forcing myself to do things I didn’t enjoy using the RAH-RAH motivational techniques. Or avoiding them all together.

And of course, I was broke and miserable as a result.  And ended up HOMELESS – living in my car.

So the question is: Where do these thought patterns that trigger all these negative emotions and counter-productive behaviors and habits come from?

And since we know it will get us in trouble, can your programming be changed?

Here is how it works:

Core beliefs control your success

  • Your current financial situation is a direct result of your daily thoughts and actions. These are your habits.
  • They come from emotions and behavior patterns.
  • And those come from your core programming beliefs.

That’s your programming – your operating system that is running the computer of your mindOften on auto-pilot.

MindThere was a major discovery in the neuro science:

We have found that up to 98% of the time, we think and behave in total congruency with our subconscious core beliefs.

So that means to change the outcome you’re getting right now, you have to change the programming of your core beliefs.

It’s like loading a new program into your computer.

When you feel lazy, uninspired, fearful, stressed, worried, unproductive, or disorganized – those are all emotional triggers from you core beliefs.

If you ever pushed yourself using nothing but will power to eat healthier food, exercise or prospect more every day, than you know what I’m talking about, right?

Most people NEVER reach the goals they set –  like their new year resolutions for example, because they force the change on the conscious level of the logical reasoning brain. That’s where discipline and willpower reside. And you already know that discipline and willpower will not get you the permanent results you want because that is NOT the power center of the mind.

The changes don’t stick unless you’re able to make changes in your mind’s software – your core programming.

Reprogramming subconscious mind

It’s actually pretty easy to find out what your current, active core programming is. Just look at the results you’re getting today, or you’ve been getting over the last weeks and months.

Your life today is a direct result of your current active core beliefs.

The good news is the latest neuro-science now knows how to replace the programming about your money, confidence, success, and income faster and easier than ever before.

Remember in Matrix when Neo gets plugged in and his mind is programmed within minutes? Today’s technology allows us effortlessly change your habits and beliefs similar to that.

If your not comfortable at your current income level, if you’re not living the lifestyle you want to live, if you’re not providing the lifestyle for your family you would like to provide, meaning if you’re making decisions based on not having enough money to do the things you were meant to do, I will show you the way to make the INTERNAL changes you must make to get the EXTERNAL results you want.

The fancy scientific name for the process is NEURO RECONDITIONING which simply means changing the core subconscious programming of your brain.

The process will re-map specific connections of your brain cells and create new neurochemical success cocktail.

The new technology that makes it possible
is called Mind Matrix PLUS

Subconscious programming - Mind Matrix PLUSIt combines the power of:

  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Relaxing Hypnosis
  • Latest 3-D Audio Brain Technology
  • Neuro Conditioning
  • Magical Worlds of Soundscapes
  • Soothing Music

Gremlin - the conscious mind criticThe reason it works so effectively is because it bypasses the filters of your critical conscious mind. That nagging voice we all have. That critic that constantly reminds you of the old programming, fear and negativity accumulated over the years.

Same little voice that may be telling you right now: “I wonder if this stuff is just a bunch of new age mumbo-jumbo or if it really works.”

Imagine instantly feeling a genuine sense of power, confidence, wealth and prosperity.

I know, sounds a little like an hype or an infomercial, right? 
But see if this makes sense to you… When your core beliefs change, your feelings change. Your actions will change from forced motivation and discipline to natural ease and inspiration. And the law of the Universe means the outer world has to match your inner world Inner changes will trigger outer change.  You will naturally open the door of wealth, success, money and prosperity.

I’m not saying you will get rich just sitting on the couch all day watching TV, of course. Success does require work.  But you will no longer need to force yourself.  With the right mind set, this crazy business can be VERY PROFITABLE – that’s why you’re in it, right? – But also FUN!

Images are for ilustration purposes only - not actual clients

I have originally designed the system not just for myself, but for movie and TV stars and Hollywood celebrities to instantly increase their confidence, self-esteem and focus before an important audition or a big film shoot.  And now you will use the very same system. Well, except the price tag.

Change is easyAnd since I don’t think you wanna be the next big movie star (then again, why not?) the latest version is customized specifically for you to reach your real estate and income goals quickly.

Using it is easy. You will get five specially mastered digital audio files. Each one is about 18-20 minutes. Put one of these special tracks on your MP3 player before you go sleep, relax, listen and you will instantly enter the magical worlds where change is easy.

The Mind Matrix PLUS Subconscious Programming System

sanctuary-mind-matrix-plusTHE SANCTUARY

This is where you magical journey begins.

The first track will take you to your private sanctuary where you dissolve all your negative emotions, fears and beliefs that are blocking your success.


island-mind-matrix-plusSecond track will take you on a magical journey down the river to the island of the new dawn where you’ll meet a mystical shaman. With his help you’ll install new powerful core beliefs: success, confidence, money, wealth, and unstoppable inner power. There are two versions of this recording.

Depending on your goals, one audio will program your subconscious for up to $10,000 per month, the other one up to $20,000 per month of income.



Third track will install new positive programming in your subconscious on communication, consistency in prospecting, following up, connecting with your leads and clients, and effortlessly attracting plenty of good listings and sales.

THE PRIVATE BEACHBeach - Mind Matrix Plus

On the fourth track you will visit your own private beach where you’ll enhance your confidence, success and connection, particularly when you’re about to do an open house.



And the final track is designed to help you dissolve stress, fears and worries. It will help you sleep well, rest and recharge your body and your mind.



I know, you’re probably thinking…  This is all great, Borino, but what is the cost? I don’t get five million dollars for a movie, you know? Here is the thing, if you have a sincere desire to really make it, I will make the the whole program really affordable for you because it’s an investment in yourself and in your business.

There are other similar programs out there (some better than others) that cost up to $500, some even more, but they are not even real estate specific. I know times are tough for so many right now and I want to help because I’m convinced this will change everything for you like it did for me.

Using the Mind Matrix PLUS System I have literally designed the lifestyle of my dreams.

Life of dreams - reprogramming your subconscious mind

I’m able to do all kinds of fun stuff FOR and WITH people I love.


So instead of $497, your investment is only $147. That’s it. This covers our time to put this all together for you. And in insures that only serious people order. And you’ll get the $735.00 bonus pack that includes the complete Gravity PLUS course!

Now I understand you may still be be skeptical.  And rightly so. There are a lot of quick-fix scams being peddled on the Internet these days as “The Magic Answer”. You and I have been burned before by a bunch of hype.

Yes, there are Hollywood actors who are using my Mind Matrix PLUS right now with some cool results.  Chances are you have seen some of them recently in a movie or on television.  And I personally walk the walk. I use my trusted iPod and a pair of night headphones every day.

But you really don’t know if the Mind Matrix PLUS will specifically work for you unless you put it to the test.guarantee So here is my invitation. Try it for two full months. Take it for a spin for full sixty days. You will either completely remove all your negative subconscious programming, install new positive beliefs, feel inspirited and start seeing immediate results in your business and in your life.

Or you might get distracted, you won’t use it, or it’s just not your thing. If that’s the case, you can just take advantage of my 60-day trial. Just send us an email, and we’ll promptly send you a full refund. No questions. No hassle. No hard feelings. And here is the best part…

I’m so confident it WILL work for you, you will get to KEEP THE ENTIRE PROGRAM – all five audio files – and you don’t have to return or delete anything, even if you decide it’s not for you. That’s how much I believe in it. And I believe in YOU! Good karma, you know?

Real estate goals - Mind Matrix PLUS

Re-program your subconscious mind to reach all your goals and dreams.


I was recently with millionaire John Assaraf – one of the stars of the hit film THE SECRET.   And he asked: “Are you interested in being wealthy and successful or are you committed to becoming wealthy and successful?”

Because if you’re interested, you will do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you will do whatever it takes.

It’s time to replace once and for all your limiting thoughts, limiting behaviors, and procrastination that is causing you to be stuck with power, confidence, high self-esteem, money and wealth. I’ll show you exactly how.

The Creator of Mind Matrix PLUS

Only $147

PS: The Mind Matrix PLUS is a set of five digital audio files in MP3 format. That means you get INSTANT access right after you order. No waiting, no shipping fees, no hassle. Use it right away and get the results you’ve always wanted – with ease.  And PLEASE share with me your success story!




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