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Mind Matrix PLUS Frequently Asked Questions


* How soon will I get the package after I order?

The Mind Matrix PLUS package contains five digital audio files (about 20 minutes each). You will get INSTANT access right after you order. No postage, no waiting, no hassle.  Just download the files, put them on your MP3 player and you’re good to go right away.

* How quickly should I expect results?

Success in real estateYou should notice a change in the way you feel in 3 or 4 days. You should be experiencing a sense of relief and lightness first. You will sleep better, sleep less (I usually need only six hours of rest per night) and wake up rested and ready to go.

You become more hopeful and optimistic – usually towards the end of week two. You should have more energy and focus. Certain tasks will be easier and faster to complete. And you will definitely smile more often.

Solid changes and results should starts appearing during the third week. Maybe as subtle, gentle nudges, “coincidences” and serendipities at first. Then, more evident and consistent shifts.

Also, people around you may notice and comment on you. They may not be able to fully explain it, but they will say something like “there is something different about you“.  Just smile 😉

* Does the Mind Matrix PLUS require positive thinking, visualizing, or meditating?

No, it doesn’t. If you do meditate, visualize, use a vision board, or pray and it feels good, by all means keep doing it. All this program requires is an open mind. Your willingness to accept the possibility that it can be as easy as putting on a pair of headphones for a few minutes every evening. Ask yourself:

What if change is easy? What if success is easy? What if making money is easy?”

What if reality just followed YOUR beliefs and expectations? And what if you could change it quickly?

* Are there any subliminal or hidden messages?

No, there are no secret “Buy Borino Stuff” messages hidden in the Mind Matrix PLUS. Just carefully constructed guided visualizations that bypass the critical voice of your conscious mind – the same critical voice that may be responsible for telling you “You will not make over $100,000 in real estate” or any other negative programming.

* Can I hear a sample?

Yes, listen to couple of samples here:

* I am your customer. Do you offer a discount?

Yes. Please contact us.

* Can I really keep the Mind Matrix PLUS even if I ask for a refund? Aren’t you worried some people will cheat?

Yes, you get to keep the program. As my thank you for giving it a try and for being a customer. I’m convinced it works. And it is my belief that people are honest. If the program works for you then the price becomes insignificant. And if you give it a fair try and it doesn’t, I don’t deserve your money. Simple as that.

Yes, there may be a handful of folks trying to cheat. But you can’t cheat the Universe. I GUARANTEE it will NOT work for them because they live in a world of cheating, dishonesty and scarcity. And guess what type of people, experiences and clients will they have it their life? Karma 😉

* Borino, do you really use the Mind Matrix PLUS every day?

Yes, I use it daily. I have a couple of favorite tracks – right now I like The River and listen to it every evening before I go to sleep. It helps me counter-balance all the negative stuff we all get fed from TV, news and the world around us every day.

* Do you wear an earring?

Yes, I’ve had an earring for over 30 years now. Many guys have one, but I think I’m the only real estate guru that wears one.  😉

* What type of headphones do you use?

I use a soft headband with built-in headphones. For me it’s more comfortable than the regular ear buds. I picked it up on Amazon for less than $40.

* Do I have to listen to it every day?

This should not feel just like a chore or another task on your to-do list. If you’re not enjoying it – then you’re trying way too hard. Step back, relax, and re-focus. This (and I mean ALL of it, not just the Mind Matrix PLUS) is NOT supposed to be complicated or hard. So have fun along the way.

* I have another question…

Sure. Please drop me a note here.



The Creator of the Mind Matrix PLUS

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