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  1. german rueda

    Good Morning Borino:
    Thanks a lot for your great inspirational video, I will looking forward talking with you and listening to your great information

  2. I always enjoy watching your videos. They are interesting and usefully. Thanks Borino for helping us.

  3. Steven Seidman

    Been broke so many times I’ve lost count so it feels good to see that I am not alone when I hear you say been their too. It is so wonderful to see a person like yourself who has come to America and has won the battle and it goes to prove anyone can do it You really one to be admired.

  4. Great video Borino! I’m sure many others will also be inspired and/or reminded and the importance of Focusing the Mind and Marketing on the most effective changes necessary to make a real difference in their business and lives. Thanks too for your recent encouraging words and gesture in our recent communications!!! I got my “results” yesterday. Not what I wanted… but knowing it helps me find a roadmap to how I can still enjoy the business with a different focus and plan. My daughter was suprised to call this morning and find me in good humour todayand already working on a PLAN ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Borino,

    Thanks for sharing your story and your video. They were really inspirational. Your video helped me to connect with my “Fuel”.

    Thank you…I am rethinking my approach…


  6. THANK YOU! It’s amazing how many folks have gotten inspired by the story. Awesome. I tell you… Posting this video wasn’t easy as you can imagine, but your comments and reactions made all worth while.


  7. Lorraine

    Without a doubt it takes being a good steward of one thoughts and attitude, That gray day in Long Beach when you were sitting on the bench contemplating if you should stay or go (in real estate) — was a turning point in so many ways. But it all starts in the mind, and then it takes action-putting into place a system. Modeling is great, But the 1% rule is by far the best, when you improve on scripts, your resumes, etc, it has a big pay off. Enjoyed the video, and will watch it again. Congratulations on your success. Glad you had time to spend with your family especially your father before he passed away. Looking forward to the video or blog on what you had in your hand.

  8. J


    This was absolutely powerful, touching, inspiring, motivating & personal.
    Please Donโ€™t stop sharing and helping others grow Mentally & Financially.
    There has never been a time more desperately needed for Realtors to receive
    this materials more than Nowโ€ฆ

    Your CHICAGO Fan

  9. Borino,

    You never fail to deliver a solid inspiring message. Thank you for your dedication to changing the lives of Realtors all over the world each and every day.

  10. Hana

    Thank you for sharing your “WHY”, it was very personal and touching.
    It got me thinking about my “WHY’s” I never knew I have so many ๐Ÿ™‚
    I will share it with my friends, this sure will make great subject to talk about, no matter if they work in real estate or not.

  11. Edith Rodriguez

    Dear Borino,

    Thank you for sharing. You are truly a wonderful leader to copy. When I began Real Estate I sought to learn withing the office but then I started searching on the website and I found your site and I have to say that what I have learned I have learned from the tips and teachings you have brought. You have a great system. Again thank you. This gives me even more desire to be successful for my dreams and yes not only to pay bills and get out of debt but to be with family and help them and get away. You are the greatest. God Bless Edith

  12. Great video and very inspiring .. thanks for sharing .. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  13. Wonderfully inspiring. I have felt lost and uninspired. Thanks for lifting me up that I too can be like you! Successful, respected, trusted and a teacher. Thanks again!

  14. Roy Paeth

    As always some very inspirational stuff. Thanks for sharing the story of where you came from. Sometimes we all need to return to the basics to get back on track.

  15. Gilbert Saucedo

    I want to thank you for caring to share a part of your life, and your insight in real estate.

    Gilbert Saucedo

  16. Hi Borino,

    You are always a very uplifting person. I am sorry to hear about your father but it is good you still have your mother with you. This business has many ups and downs and it is good to see that you are still facing up to the challenges very well.

    I have considered quitting but I do not know that I could do anything else. Maybe one day your story will inspire us all to write or stories and to help others get over their respective humps in life.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you again. If you are ever in DC please look me up. I would like to treat you to dinner or something.

    Dave Dressler

    • borino

      Thanks, Dave. I’m happy my story is inspirational – that’s WHY I do this.

      I am on the East Coast next week, speaking for couple of offices in the Maryland area. Stop by and say hello!


  17. Thank yo for sharing your Story. Today I felt just like you did on that bench. You have inspired me to not toss in the towel on my Real Estate Career. Thank so much and endless blessings to you.

  18. Borino-Thanks for your timely video. Motivating and inspiring as usual.

  19. Borino, great story and very inspiring, your videos always have great positive messages.

  20. Borino I like your stories. They are very personal! Thank you for sharing.


  21. You made me cry Borino, very well done
    the very best video you’ve ever made! loved it


  22. Julian Tang

    Wow, very moving video. Thanks for sharing your story, Found it very inspiring and reminds me WHY I’m doing what I’m doing. Your right on about how the WHY has to resinate and you have to really feel it, otherwise you’ll get get bored and loose interest. Great Video thanks again!

  23. Lisa Yoskin

    Hi Borino,

    You made me cry! It was so heart warming to see such happiness in your Christmas photos. Thanks for sharing you are always an inspiration and you always sound so sincere. You deserve the best! I hope one day I can aspire to be the happy sincere person you seem like you are.

    Best Wishes,

  24. Inspiring and very open and honest why proves that real estate can be as successful as you want it to be.

  25. borino

    Thank you all for wonderful comments. I’m glad the video has inspired you!


  26. Borino….as always, I find something new in you presentation. This time, for me, it was to generate a stronger ‘why’ and focus on effective ‘act as if’ behavior….behavior that top agents would be conducting. As I type this, I sit straighter with my shoulders back…better posture, deeper breaths, more forceful. thank you for that morning jolt!

  27. Borino:
    I thank you for your free wonderful teaching from you vidios, I have had the opportunity to learn and
    become interest in them

    Wounder vidios, great knowledge, new way to approch to our RE goals and
    most importantly GREAT BIG HARTED PERSON .
    I personally thank you on my own.

  28. Borino,

    Thank you for sharing this video. This morning I am at that breaking point where something has to happen, something has to change. I have worked with several people this year yet only one closing. Nothing seems to be coming together this year. I keep saying “well it’s just one of those periods” but the truth is I’m working with buyers and sellers that are not motivated and wasting my time. The power of NOW is so important and chasing business reather than being in “AS-IF” is so important too! Thanks for sharing this video it made my day!

    Thank you so much,
    Mark Abbott

  29. Moving story and nicely done. I believe many people can relate at some level. Thanks for sharing your story and your successes. There is hope for all of us. I truly believe that if you change you your thinking you change your life.

  30. Hey Borino,

    Thanks for this great video it is very inspiring. I am working on taking my real estate business to the next level and marketing to expireds has been on the backburrner but thanks to you, I am going to get started today.

    I look forward to your next email.

    Best regards,

  31. Thanks Borino,
    Very well done. I congratulate you on your success. You deserve it!

  32. Really enjoyed your video. It gives me new energy to go back out and try again because I think I lost some of the desire for real estate. But this video really help me put things into a light. Thanks again.

  33. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I will watch every morning for the next month to help keep me inspired.

  34. Always enlightening and inspiring, my friend! Thanks for sharing that with me. Hungry for more, so keep it coming!

  35. Graham Ayers

    Hi Borino, Very inspiring!.I have just bought your Open House plus system and is on its way and i can not wait.I have a new mind set for this business and want to implament new ideas,new systems and have fun again in my business.

  36. Hi Borino, thanks for sharing!

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