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  1. Sam Braccio

    Sam Braccio
    Hi Borino, this is Sam from Montreal you made a great video thank you for you helpful tips

  2. Russ

    Great work Borino, the positive energy shines right thru. Thank you. Keep it coming.

  3. gareth

    Hey Borino,

    Thanks for another fantastic video. Keep em coming, you really do keep me motivated to succeed and its happening for me now.

    (Brisbane, Down Under)

  4. Ron Aguilar

    Borino, now we know your last name. Great inspiration and we all need this in our current market too!

  5. Edith Rodriguez

    Borino, Yes, I will sell a house this weekend. I am having an Open House. As always you are the greatest. Go get them. Edith from New Jersey 🙂

  6. Thanks Borino, Much appreciated

  7. Ana

    Amazing video, very well done. I really enjoy your videos.

  8. Anthony


    You’ve hit the nail on the head with this BRILLIANT ! presentation. It all comes down to our CORE THOUGHTS and VALUES. Which ultimately determines how we view things.As well as what we actually do. If we are going to change the course of our lives and/ or that of our business, there has to be a major shift in our subconscious. A re-scripting if you will.

    Thanks so much Borino for sharing this. I’m totally on board

    All the best!

  9. Nick

    Great video! Keep them coming.

  10. Dom

    Relevant. Timely. A million thank$$$$, Borino.

  11. My Goodness! Motivating, Inspiring, Easily Understood, Simple Steps, Well put together, Great Video for anyone in the Real Estate or any other Business! Thank You for taking the time to Help us, we appreciate you!

  12. Linda Lewis

    Absolutely correct! Capturing the negative thoughts works.

  13. Arlene

    I like the part of your video that addresses the core belief system that you carry around with you. So, often we invest time in the wrong mind set. I really enjoyed the grocery store suggest–where you are pushing the grocery cart. Great visual. I am off to take the test.

  14. Jennifer

    Mind over matter, hmmm. Thanks for the reminder that we are the cause of our own destiny.

  15. Baljinder Kaur

    Very straight forward and quick, gives a boost to go get them:) Thanks for your help.

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